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Well, it's about as much of My Family, My Friends, My Life and its Events, as I can recall and cram in . . . .
On this website I introduce myself, 'The Toynes', my family and their lives, as well as my life and our photographs from more than 70 years - 40 of them hiding in the shrubbery . . .


FIRST: A Whole Life

The Toynes, My Life, My Family and Our Travels - That's a 'Me & Mine' click.


THEN: A Life in Horticulture

Gardens, Plants, Techniques, Styles, Features, Wildlife - Good & Bad -  and Ideas . . . this is where you'll find my latest photos to look at and use. Yes, USE!

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For several years I have been putting together a Family Tree for our Branch of the Toynes in Lincolnshire and elsewhere in the world (I have two children and further offspring in Australia and Glenna has umpteen cousins in America) - However, I must admit to being neither very good nor very consistent in my efforts and have resolved to look elsewhere for information and history than just the Web! Time permitting, I'll put this into practice soon . . . 


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Mutianyu, Great Wall of China



The Picture above shows Mutianyu on the Great Wall of China - we haven't been here yet and probably never will . . . 

But I may just be following on the footsteps of my great 19th/20th Century plant-hunting heros, George Forrest and Ernest 'Chinese' Wilson, in 2021/2022 travelling through the Chinese Province of Yunnan (see pic, right). It's been a childhood dream which has lasted all my life, so keep your fingers crossed for me - I'll post pics and travelogue here just as soon as I get the go ahead!

In the meantime, we've been plenty of other places - from my time in the Merchant Navy to our most recent visits to Thailand, France & Italy - so click on the 'UK' and 'World' Tavel Sections on the right for some of the results (and rather a lot of plants . . . )

It's a work-in-progess, so don't expect too much yet - I'll be filling in the blanks just as soon as I can.

'The Waddling Dog' - a pub near Victoria the Capital of Britich Colombia, in Canada . . . 

                                     . . .  OUR NEXT JOURNEY ABROAD!!

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