What's it All About?

Well, it's about as much of My Family, My Friends, My Life and its Events, as I can recall and cram in . . . .
On this website I introduce myself, 'The Toynes', my family and their lives, as well as my life and our photographs from more than 70 years - 40 of them hiding in the shrubbery . . .


FIRST: A Whole Life

The Toynes, My Life, My Family and Our Travels - That's a 'Me & Mine' click.


THEN: A Life in Horticulture

Gardens, Plants, Techniques, Styles, Features, Wildlife - Good & Bad -  and Ideas . . . this is where you'll find my latest photos to look at and use. Yes, USE!

I look forward to reading your comments in the 'About You' (that's 'you' NOT me!) and 'Get In Touch' Sections!

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Have a Look at the Toyne Family Tree:

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For several years I have been putting together a Family Tree for our Branch of the Toynes in Lincolnshire and elsewhere in the world (I have two children and further offspring in Australia and Glenna has umpteen cousins in America) - However, I must admit to being neither very good nor very consistent in my efforts and have resolved to look elsewhere for information and history than just the Web! Time permitting, I'll put this into practice soon . . . 


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Let me know yours, too and I'll post that to get you a wider audience - just so long as it has something of Public Concern in the Natural World, 'Life', Photography, and/or travel and exploration about it, I'm your man!

Fancy a Day Out?


 . . .  and  Some Important Organisations You Should Know About!

"Plant Hunters Fairs" UK

WEBSITE http://www.planthuntersfairs.co.uk



Butterfly Conservation

A volume well worth the money. Losing our Butterflies is not an option - with this book we stand a chance of winning the battle.


About GROW

Grow is THE place for horticulture careers advice and information. Administered by the Institute of Horticulture (IoH) and supported by leading UK horticultural institutions, to promote horticulture as a career


To enlighten people about the fantastic, dynamic, rewarding and enjoyable careers within the horticultural industry.


Our world would be nothing without plants. They feed us, keep us warm and dry, clean our air and provide us with a beautiful, green environment to live in. Working with plants, from designing and building a new city park to developing new food crops can be incredibly rewarding and there is a wealth of career options to choose from. GROW Careers is your starting point to find out more.

Twitter: @GrowCareers

The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust

Aberglasney: ' A Garden Lost in Time' - Home of the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust

About the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust

HRH Prince Charles is Patron of The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust (WHGT), a national organisation campaigning to save Established and Historic Garden and Parks from neglect, indifference, insensitive planning and planting, for future generations.


WHGT aims to:

1. Raise the profile of parks and garden heritage in Wales which make such a rich and varied contribution to our landscape.

2. Promote interest and enjoyment in the beauty and diversity of Welsh parks and gardens including the famous and less well known, large and small, formal and picturesque, to the widest audience possible to ensure their survival for future generations.

3. Promote the restoration and conservation of threatened parks and gardens which are of special historic interest in Wales.

4. Research and document the garden history of Wales, an important element of the historic and cultural identity of the Nation.

Company Overview

The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust (WHGT) is a Conservation and Heritage Organization set up to protect and conserve Historic and Established Gardens, Parks and Designed Landscapes of Wales.

Basic info


Trust members enjoy a varied and exciting programme of events, including:

* Garden visits

* Lectures and Study Days

* Garden surveys

* Practical conservation work

* Researching the history of local gardens

* Monitoring planning applications

* Fund raising & publicity

* Spreading awareness of the garden heritage of Wales

Please join if you are interested in the Garden & Landscapes Heritage and Parklands of Wales.

 Contact info: 

WHGT, The Bothy, Aberglasney, Llangathen, SA32 8QH. All Rights Reserved. Registered Charity Number 1023293



The Chartered Institute of Horticulture


About the Chartered Institute of Horticulture


The Chartered Institute gives recognition of status within the horticultural industry and the means to meet and network with professionals in all spheres of Horticulture. It also provides the opportunity to make an effective contribution to the future of horticulture as well as its importance as a career.


The Chartered Institute of Horticulture is the authoritative organisation representing those professionally engaged in Horticulture in the UK & Ireland.

General information

Its membership comprises, and represents, those that are involved in production, managing, growing and marketing all edible and decorative horticultural crops, allied research, education and consultancy. It also includes those concerned with landscaping and botanic/heritage gardens, and the full range of horticulture within leisure industries, those working in associated supply industries and students taking their first steps into horticulture.

PLANT HERITAGE - Home of the 'National Collections' of Garden Plants


Plant Heritage is . . . 

The world’s leading garden plant conservation charity, bringing together the talents of botanists, horticulturalists and conservationists and the dedication of keen amateur and professional gardeners.

Through the National Plant Collections and the Threatened Plants Project, we encourage the conservation of cultivated plants in the British Isles.


What is a National Plant Collection®?
Plant Heritage's (NCCPG's) mission is to conserve, grow, propagate, document and make available the amazing resource of cultivated plants that exists in the UK. The reason we feel this is important is covered on the Why Conserve Plants? page.

Our main conservation vehicle is the Plant Heritage National Plant Collection® scheme where individuals or organisations undertake to document, develop and preserve a comprehensive collection of one group of plants in trust for the future. Most of the collections are based around a related group, for example a collection of oaks or daffodils. This allows the scheme to develop systematic coverage of cultivated plants in the United Kingdom. 

Open Days
All Collections are required to be open to the public at some time, but some have restricted access. Listings of Open Days appear in the National Collections Directory, and under the events section of the website.


The National Gardens Scheme

https://www.facebook.com/NGSNorthEastWales?ref=hl www.ngs.org.uk/

 The National Gardens Scheme. Over 3800 NGS gardens to visit with the best of plants, flowers and garden design (including National Trust). Open your garden for Charity!

Our Garden - just before it was open!


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