What's it All About?

Well, it's about as much of My Family, My Friends, My Life and its Events, as I can recall and cram in . . . .
On this website I introduce myself, 'The Toynes', my family and their lives, as well as my life and our photographs from more than 70 years - 40 of them hiding in the shrubbery . . .


FIRST: A Whole Life

The Toynes, My Life, My Family and Our Travels - That's a 'Me & Mine' click.


THEN: A Life in Horticulture

Gardens, Plants, Techniques, Styles, Features, Wildlife - Good & Bad -  and Ideas . . . this is where you'll find my latest photos to look at and use. Yes, USE!

I look forward to reading your comments in the 'About You' (that's 'you' NOT me!) and 'Get In Touch' Sections!

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For several years I have been putting together a Family Tree for our Branch of the Toynes in Lincolnshire and elsewhere in the world (I have two children and further offspring in Australia and Glenna has umpteen cousins in America) - However, I must admit to being neither very good nor very consistent in my efforts and have resolved to look elsewhere for information and history than just the Web! Time permitting, I'll put this into practice soon . . . 


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Master of Horticulture and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture - I'm sure I can keep you and your Members Spellbound!

I lecture and give talks to anyone who wants them! Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies and Specialist Groups are my main 'customers', but WI, Townswomen's Guilds, The Rotary Club, The Lions, The English Speaking Union, Housing Associations, various Community Groups and Clubs have all asked me at various times to give them the benefit of my knowledge and experience.


So ask away! I've included my current list and terms below, but if there's  a subject you would particularly like (and you think I have a chance of doing it justice), please let me know.

My Current Lecture & Talk List - 2019/20


Royal Horticultural Society 'Master of Horticulture' - Fellow of the Institute of Horticulture Horticultural and Garden Consultant & Lecturer

'Garden Advice, Management & Research'

Talk & Demonstration Titles and Topics:

 1. "Bulbs Flower All Year Round" - Describing Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes (with the occasional Tuber)  that together provide flowers 12 months of the year - Talk with slides

 2. "Your Garden Soil" - Where soil comes from, what it is made of, how it behaves, soil structure, texture and pH and their effects - Talk and demonstration with slides

 3. "A Different Approach to Garden Pests & Diseases" - Understanding problems of garden organisms (arthropods, vertebrates, molluscs, fungi, viruses and weeds) gives new insight into getting the upper hand - Talk with slides.

 4. "Organic versus 'Inorganic' Gardening"- The pros and cons of 'the natural way' and using 'Chemicals' to achieve success in the garden - Talk with slides

 5. "Multi-Season Shrubs and Trees" - Garden shrubs and trees with multiple virtues, which provide extended interesting and beautiful features over many weeks, months or seasons. - Talk with slides

 6. "Alpine Gardening in Britain" - The principles of growing montane and similar habitat plants in UK lowland climate conditions. With plant examples and techniques. - Talk with slides

 7. "Garden Trees and Their Care & Cultivation" - Trees with desirable characteristics for growing in modern gardens, large and small - Talk with slides

 8. "Wales in Bloom" - Experiences and Lessons learned from 16 years Judging floral displays in Wales' Villages, Towns, Cities, Parks, Pubs, Care Homes, Sheltered Accommodation, Allotments, Hospitals, Caravan Parks and Nature Reserves. - Talk with slides.

 9. "Vegetable Growing for Small Gardens" - Methods and Vegetable Varieties best suited to growing in restricted areas. Talk with slides.

 10. "Your Lawn and How to Look After It" - The best way to make a lawn and keep it looking good. Moss, weeds, pests, diseases and old-wives-tales banished for ever! - Talk with slides.

 11. "A Gardener's Journey Round New Zealand" - A travelogue and encounters with New Zealand native and non-native flora. - Talk with slides

 12. "A Gardener's Journey Round Eastern & Central Australia" - A travelogue and encounters with native and non-native flora in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory of Australia. - Talk with slides

 13. "A Gardener's Journey Round Tasmania" - A travelogue and encounters with native and non-native flora in Tasmania. - Talk with slides


Current Charges: £65 for the lecture plus 20p per mile to cover petrol costs.

Any Distance Travelled - If more than 75 miles one way, Terms by Negotiation

David Toyne M.Hort(RHS), F.C.I.Hort.


"Garden Advice, Management & Research"


Tel: 01824 707470  Mobile: 0777 078 0825  Email: david@davidtoyne.co.uk    

Talks Booked this Year - 2018/19

Talks Calender:


October 11th, Thursday - Newtown - 'Your Garden Soil'

November 5th - Basford - 'Bulbs Flower All Year Round'